What am I going to do when these girls no longer nap? It’s good for them, good for me and I just can’t even think about them growing up! It’s amazing how much I can accomplish during a two hour nap, like this basement nook I surprised them with. If I can’t relive my childhood, at least I can recreate it for our girls, right?



One of our priorities this summer was to “finish” the basement. As it stood, it was virtually unusable. It was not only dark, but the carpet was old, dusty and mildewy, causing our allergies to flare any time we ventured down there. Chris and I wanted to create a fun and safe playroom for Adalyn, Ani and Isla to enjoy during extreme Missouri days where it’s freezing cold, blazing hot or pouring down rain. So, pretty much every day.


We started by removing the carpet and replacing it with a floating vinyl plank by USFloors SMARTCORE in Mckinley Oak floor to keep the basement fuss free and allergy free. If the girls spill on it, it can be wiped up, even if we don’t catch it for a few days {don’t judge}. It’s soft on the foot, durable, and looks surprisingly nice!



After a lot of paint, the girls picked toys from their bedroom closets and began moving them to the basement. Their little kitchen was relocated from the guest bedroom {yessss} and I took advantage of afternoon nap to create a little playroom for them, inspired by my childhood.


One of my favorite childhood memories was playing school in our basement with a classroom size green chalkboard and a couple old metal school desks. I was able to find similar school desks at a nearby antique store and Craigslist a few months ago and a $10 chalkboard from a craft store. In addition to playing school in this simple little playroom area, they can store their arts and crafts supplies and I won’t fret when they get a stain or glue on the floor or desks.





I officially feel like I’ve won the lottery – the girls have a play room to expend energy on rainy days, the mess stays in the basement, and so does the noise {insert loud screaming here}.

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